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Using the right packing materials can serve as a major aid in simplifying the moving process. If you plan to pack yourself, we offer great prices on all of the moving supplies you may need, as well as FREE box delivery. The professional staff of General Moving Carriers can also do the packing for you if you so choose. This will alleviate the stress of packing yourself and provide you with more free time to focus on the many other tasks you must attend to during this hectic time. Allowing us to pack for you also increases the chance that your belongings will arrive safely at your future destination. Crating is also available for all your hard to pack, and fragile items, as seen in the animation on the left. If your not sure how to pack it, leave it to our trained staff, they will make sure all your items are packed correctly and efficiently. Here are some of the moving supplies we stock. Please feel free to give us a call for more information on any of these products.

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Book Box
1.5 CuFt.
Small Linen
3.1 CuFt.
Large Linen
4.5 CuFt.
Wardrobe Box
15 CuFt.
Electronics Box
3.0 CuFt.
Lamp Box
3.0 CuFt.
TV Box
6.0 CuFt.
Picture Box
1.5 CuFt.
China Box
5.2 CuFt.
Mover's Dollie
Furniture Pad
Mattress Cover
Packing Paper
25 Lbs.
Bubble Wrap
250 ft. Per Roll
Tape Rolls
Per Roll
Tape Dispenser